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December 12, 2019 
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| Who Is Ken Trester | Our Track Record |

The Institute for Options Research, Inc Web Site is rich with resources for serious options traders. Home of Ken Trester's Option Master, Put and Call Tactician and The Complete Option Player. Free options trading advice, information and newsletter service. We publish software, books, video and audio home study courses and newsletters on stock, index and commodity options. (From Ken Trester, nationally renowned options expert.)


Who Is Ken Trester?

Ken Trester has been trading options since the first exchanges opened in 1973. He's probably the nation's best -known options advisor, and he also actively trades his own account.

In addition to writing The Complete Option Report, he has written two books on options. The Complete Option Player, now in its third edition, is among the best selling options books ever.

As a computer science professor at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, CA, Ken also taught a popular course on options trading. In addition, he teaches a limited number of individuals through intensive options seminars. Many former students have been very successful using the strategies he espouses.

He has earned considerable respect as a financial advisor and is a popular lecturer at investment gatherings throughout the United States. He is also widely quoted in publications like Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, and Barrons.

Ken has an MBA and has worked as a stock broker and an investment manager.

He developed an economical software program for personal computers, OPTION MASTER®, that allows small investors to easily determine an option's true theoretical value.

Our Track Record

For the latest track record, please call 1-800-407-2422.

The theoretical track record for all Best Buy options we've recommended in the The Complete Option Report during the past eight years are presented in the table below.

Our total returns include approximate commission costs using a deep discount broker (4% of amount invested).

Year % Trades Dollar Profit % Total Return
1998 47 36,015 301
1997 48 42,227 352
1996 42 20,569 124
1995 50 44,432 261
1994 47 33,576 335
1993 29 12,253 86
1992 29 12,633 52
1991 40 43,589 167
1990 49 129,032 537
  • % Trades is the percentage of all recommendations that earned profit.

  • Dollar Profit is the total amount of money earned on our recommendations according to our track record, listed below.

  • % Total Return is the total actual return of the portfolio.


For track record purposes we assume that $1,000 was invested in each Best Buy position at the price published in the newsletter, and all proceeds were reinvested in future recommendations. So, at some point every year the initial investment was recovered and subsequent investments were made form previous profits.

We also assume that half of each position was sold if it reached its Target Sell Price. The remainder we assume was sold halfway between the option's high price and expiration price, unless we gave you specific instructions to sell a position in the newsletter or on the HOTLINE. If an option did not reach its Target Price, we used its average price during the final week before expiration. If actual price data was not available we used price estimates.

Our track record is theoretical. We did not invest actual money. As with any track record, you can not assume that present or future recommendations will equal past performance.

Naturally, not every subscriber will match our track record. One reason is that not every option can be bought at the price we recommend. But you must never pay more than that price, as that is your greatest chance for profit. If you pay more than our recommended price, you are lowering your odds of success.

We also assume that half of each position is sold if it reaches its Target Price, and the remainder is left to ride waiting for a home run. Many traders fail to do this. Or they fail to set trailing stops to protect their profits. Or they fail to listen to the HOTLINE, on which we sometimes give you specific instructions to take profits. These traders often end up giving back some, if not all, of their gains.

Inertia is your greatest enemy in the options game. You must be aggressive about taking and protecting your profits, cutting your losses, and waiting for home runs.

-- Ken Trester


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