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December 12, 2019 
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Master Stock, Index, Commodity and Futures Options Markets!

Award-winning software, finalist, semifinalist & honorable mention 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 Reader Choice Awards, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine The key to success in the options game is PRICE. You MUST be able to decide if an option is truly a bargain! The bargain hunters who consider PRICE first and foremost are the ones who consistently win the options game.

Options market professionals ALWAYS use pricing formulas. They're constantly on the lookout for underpriced and overpriced options. So YOU need an option pricing formula that gives you that insider's edge.

Option Master® is based on hundreds of hours of research, computer-simulated options trading and actual market experience.
Option Master® uses some of the most successful option pricing formulas available to give you the edge in this profitable game.

In addition, Option Master® will calculate your probability of profit when you buy or sell. It reduces uncertainty and allows you to trade options objectively and confidently.

Option Master® helps you determine whether a stock, index or commodity option is over- or underpriced, stacking the odds in your favor when you buy or sell options.

When using Option Master®, unlike other option pricing programs, there is no need to access an expensive database nor to incur high telephone charges. Just a few simple entries into the Option Master® program enables you to evaluate all options for a series of stocks or commodities within a few minutes.

Option Master® Features:

  • Gives you an option's true value quickly.
  • Requires only 15-30 minutes of practice to master.
  • Uses simple menus that take you from one step to the next.
  • Lets you price put options, call options or both.
  • Gives you option prices on individual options or a series of options.
  • Works for individual stocks, indexes and commodities.
  • Can quickly tell you the volatility of an underlying stock, stock index or commodity.
  • Calculates your probability of profit or loss.

Option Master® achieves several important objectives:

  • Option Master® determines the true value of an option.
  • Option Master® will calculate any type of price volatility for the underlying stock, index or commodity -- the key to option pricing.
  • Option Master® will calculate the probability of profit when you buy an option, write an option or enter an option strategy or spread. You will be surprised how many times this calculation will help you avoid a costly mistake.
  • Option Master® tells you what will happen to your option position in the future using "what if" analysis.

This state-of-the-art computer program for pricing options would be a great buy at $ 150, $ 250 or even $ 300. Buy now you can have this invaluable investment tool for as little as $ 89.95.

Option Master® is available for DOS, Windows and Macintosh personal computer.

Option Master for Windows-$159
Option Master for Macintosh-$159
Option Master for DOS-$89
Option Master for Windows Deluxe-$249
Option Master for Windows Deluxe 2000-$395
Option Master for The Palm Pilot-$249


Option Master Deluxe is now available for The Palm Pilot and Handspring handheld computers.

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