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August 21, 2019 
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"Success is sweet with Option Master Suite!"

Ken Trester's Option Master Suite, a trilogy of masterful and push-button ease programs to create outstanding strategies .

The Option Master Deluxe 2000, award winning software, combines with the very popular Push-Button Option Trader and the just recently introduced Push-Button Option Writer.

This is the option player's dream team, three programs together for the first time to give the option player the most comprehensive, technologically advanced, super-simple software on the planet!

First, you are given the might of The Option Master Deluxe 2000.
With this software:

-determine the true value of options on any stock, index,
commodity or futures contract.

-know the odds of winning before you enter any position.

-download and scan text files to identify the most overpriced and
underpricd options.

-scan a esignal or text file created from

-automatically download files from for scanning.

-store underlying stock, index or futures prices to calculate
historical volatility.

You will be given invaluable tools that will make you a more effective option player.

Stock and Commoditiy Simulator- The price action of the underlying stock or commodity futures over a set period into the future is simulated and can tell what percentage of the time your predetermined target will be hit before its expiration date. Besides providing a probability of profit at expiration, it indicates the probability of a target price being hit at any time before expiration. This is the best feature of Option Master Deluxe 2000.

Percent to Double- This feature helps you quickly measure how much a stock, index or commodity futures must move for the option to double in price. If it has to move too far, you know to pass on that play.

Stop-Loss Estimator- Stop-losses are especially critical to option writers and traders who use spreads. This feature helps you protect your investment by letting you know the best time to get out.

Profit Goal Estimator- This tool helps traders decide when to take profits. It determines what price the stock or futures will hit 50% of the time. If the projected profit isn't big enough, you can rethink your position or strategy.

Day Trading Sheets- Just like those used by traders on the floors of the exchanges, these allow you to trade without a computer in front of you. Ideal if you are away from home or just need to do some quick analysis.

Second, you get the fun of the one-two punch, The Push-Button Option Trader and The Push-ButtonOption Writer. Just push a button and get instant option recommendations . Push another button and get a detailed game plan and options analysis.

Simplicity! No need to download data! No need for an expensive data service! No need to even to understand option analysis.

Altogether, you get so much with so little effort: a detailed game plan called an Option Profit Box, a complex analysis of an option position including the probability of hitting the stop-loss, the delta, theta and implied volatility of an option and an average expected dollar profit of the option so you know how good an option play you have. All this is yours. If you're a option buyer or writer and if you prefer just to push a button or two, this is a dream come true!

Speed and simplicity at your finger tips, depth and complexity in your hands, that is The Option Master Suite! A winning combination that works!

If you want not only the sweet sounds, but also the sweet substance of success, buy The Option Master Suite!

Suite Special !

Save $288!

For a limited time, you can purchase The Option Master Suite ,that includes Option Master Deluxe 2000, The Push-Button Option Trader and The Push-Button Option Writer all for only $497, that is a savings of $288.

Option Master Suite
Today's Special Price
Price $497(Regular Price $795)

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