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December 12, 2019 
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New! - The Push-Button Option Writer!

A Must Have Computer Program for Covered Call Writers and Naked Writers!

The Push-Button Option Writer provides Instant Option Recommendations at the Touch of a Button

You Can:

- Find the best covered call to write.

- Find the best put to write to buy the stock or futures.

- Find the best play for naked writing

- Find the best credit spread.

- Find your chances of profiting..

- Get a detailed game plan

- GetYour return on a lot more!

The secret of this program is Artificial Intelligence- all you need to do is enter two numbers in this amazingly easy to run program.

By first entering a stock or futures price you’ll get a specific recommendation.

Second enter the actual option price and get the detailed and potentially profitable game plan for your ”option writing” position.

In addition you also get a unique simulator which also gives you a complete option analysis of the position including the best stop loss to use.

But the best feature of this program is that it rates your play. You receive a Special Rating as well as the Expected Value that tells you the average expected dollar profit. In other words, do you have a good or bad play.

Easy to use you never have to download data, and there is no need for expensive data services. Before you enter any “write trade” you will know critical money making factors as delta, theta and implied volatility.

The Push-Button Option Writer is about as easy as it gets, but first you need to have a Windows-based computer.

Second, you must understand the risks of option writing which can be extensive or unlimited

This program is not for beginners. If you meet those qualifications you can benefit from this lightening quick options program.

The Push-Button Option Writer offers Simplicity!

No need to download data! No need for an expensive data service! No need to even to understand option analysis.

Altogether, you get so much with so little effort: a detailed game plan called an Option Profit Box.

A complex analysis of an option position including the probability of hitting the stop-loss, the delta, theta and implied volatility of an option and an average expected dollar profit of the option position so you can measure the quality of your option play. All this is yours.

If you're a option writer and if you prefer just to push a button or two, this is a dream come true!

Speed and simplicity at your finger tips, depth and complexity in your hands, that is The Push-Button Option Writer.

If you want not only the sweet sounds, but also the sweet substance of success, buy The Push-Button Option Writer.

The Push-Button Option Writer

The Push-Button Option Writer
Today's Special Price

Price $175 (Regular Price $195)


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