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Beat The Races

Beat the horses with a revolutionary Windows program.The 5-Minute HandicapperTM.

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How an Investment Wizard Can Help You Beat the Races !

After having conquered the investment options markets, one of the top option traders has taken on horse racing. He has developed a revolutionary new program,  based on 30 years of experience,  that can beat the horses.

I'd like to introduce you to a computer wizard who has one driving passion in life-he likes to figure the odds, play the game and win.

A former computer scirence professor, Ken Trester has earned a well respected name in the investment field by using his successful blend of statistics, mathematics, computer power and market knowledge. I am certain many of you have heard of him.

But he also likes to use his statistical knowledge to beat the horses.

Ken just loves to beat the game. He doesn't care what the game is as long as he can reduce the game to mathematical probabilities and take home some cash.

Ken wins at the track the same way he beats the pants off the options markets. He uses sophisticated statistical principles to reduce complex circumstances to a simple winning conclusion.

The Magical Factors  that Determine the Winner

There are 8 critical factors that determine the horses winning potential based on extensive research. Here they are: jockey rating, number of wins, the position the horse finishes in the last race, early speed, the horses speed rating, days since last race, average earnings per race, and post position.

By extensive computerized backtesting, just as Ken did in the stock market, he identified the key factors that determine a winner, he wrote a comprehensive computer program that allows you to download a file or feed in a few numbers, push a button and get the most likely winner.

A Breakthrough-The Five-Minute Handicapper(tm)

The Five-Minute Handicapper(tm) is a very user friendly program. You can download a file from the Internet and everything is done for you automatically with the push of a button.

Or you can enter the data manually as you read the Daily Racing Form. You can also influence the automatic results with your own opinions about jockeys or speed ratings.

The Five-Minute Handicapper(tm) was backtested on close to 1000 races and showed a profit by betting its top selection in every race.

How did its stack up at the Breeders Cup?

The Five-Minute Handicapper(tm) came through with flying colors at the 1998 Breeders Cup.

The Breeders Cup held in November is a series of some of the toughest races to handicap, for the top horses in the world compete during these races. How did The Five-Minute Handicapper(tm) fare? The Five-Minute Handicapper(tm) top choices won two of the seven races.

Da Hoss was The Five-Minute Handicapper's top selection and won and paid $25.40, almost 12-1 odds, and was the highest payoff of the Breeders Cup races.

The Five-Minute Handicapper(tm) top choice also included Buck's Boy who won and paid $9.40 for a $2 bet. In addition, the program's second choice won two of the seven races and six out of the seven races was won by one of The Five-Minute Handicapper's top three choices.

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The Five-Minute Handicapper
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